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Randburg History


Randburg is one of the largest towns located to the northwest of Johannesburg, Gauteng province, South Africa. Before it went under the Johannesburg municipal government in the late 90s, Randburg was a fully-fledged municipal on its own. During this period, other municipals including Roodepoort and Sandton also experienced a change of administration.


As a town, Randburg existence dates back to the late 1950s (1st of july1959 to be exact) after a total of 32 suburbs in the northwestern region of Johannesburg were united as one. Upon its formation, it was linked to Johannesburg In all its dealings except administration. The town’s people preferred to have their own council. They held a competition to choose the town’s name and settled on Randburg which they got from the currency that had just replaced the sterling pound – the South African Rand. This was just before South Africa transitioned into a Republic. During the apartheid era, the town was a stronghold of the national party.

Randburg is for the most part occupied by wealthy persons than other areas of Johannesburg. During Apartheid, it had been declared to be a whites-only area. However after the apartheid, many different races settled and today, it features both Afrikaans and white citizens.


Randburg, as earlier stated was created by the fusion of 32 suburbs. While they varied in size, most of them acted as residential areas for the citizens. Some of the areas that were merged include:

  • Blairgowrie
  • Fairlands
  • Cosmo City
  • Bordeaux
  • Kensington ‘B’
  • Boskruin
  • Bromhof
  • Aldara Park
  • Cresta
  • Robin Hills
  • Randpark Ridge
  • Jukskei Park
  • Darrenwood
  • Ferndale
  • Malanshof
  • Northriding
  • Olivedale
  • Northwold
  • Robindale
  • Windsor West
  • Windsor East

Looking at Google maps, you will notice some suburbs including Parkwood, Linden, Greenside, Parkhurst, Northcliff and Emaarentia are listed as some of the Johannesburg suburbs making up Randburg. This put succinctly, is an error made by google maps. These suburbs are not and have never been part of the 32 founding suburbs.


All successful towns in history have had a successful and stable economy. Randburg is no different. Though it had its fair share of up and downs, it managed to get through. Back in the 90s, Randburg’s CBD had gone under and Johannesburg, before they took over, created blueprints of reviving Randburg – a plan that worked like a charm.

Sandton a neighboring town that provides businesses with lower property and rental rates has given Randburg a run for its money. The fact that it offers easy transport to central and west Johannesburg makes it all the more lucrative and preferred to Randburg. Randburg, however, is making plans to put these issues to rest by connecting itself to the Gautrain routes.

Randburg houses offices to some of the most notable companies in the world including MultiChoice, Supersport, and M-net. In addition to this, it houses Strijdon Park, a light industrial/commercial area that is well developed. It sits between Malibongwe Drive and the N1 Western Bypass. Strijdon dominates in the auto and repair industry servicing the entire north side of Johannesburg.


Major cities and towns in South Africa all have one thing in common; they feature world-class malls and shopping malls where top jewelry, clothing, and accessories can be purchased. Randburg is no exception. Below is a list of some of the shopping malls, shopping centers and hotels you expect to find in Randburg.


  • Northgate Mall
  • Randburg Square
  • Brightwater Commons
  • Cresta Shopping Centre
  • Shopping Centres
  • Appletons Village
  • Braam Fischer Shopping Center
  • Blairgowrie Plaza
  • Banbury Cross Village
  • Boskruin Village
  • Ferndale Shopping Centre
  • Randridge Mall
  • Bromhof Village Centre
  • Windsor Glen
  • Northlands Deco Park
  • Lifestyle Garden Centre



  • Mercure Inn
  • Randburg Inn & Towers Hotel
  • Road Lodge
  • The Fairway Hotel and Spa
  • Hotel Apollo


Over the years, Randburg has developed many centers offering quality education. Some of the centers include:


  • Academy of learning
  • Ayerst Attorneys incorporated
  • Helia-D international
  • BTC Southern Africa
  • Global School of business
  • The Montessori Campus
  • Corporate College
  • Knights Preparatory School and college
  • Damelin Randburg
  • Knowledge Quest

High schools

  • Aurora Private School
  • St Stithians college
  • Ferndale high school
  • Trinity House School
  • Randpark high school

Primary school

  • I.R Griffith Primary School
  • Parkhurst Primary school
  • Robin Hills Primary School

Health services

Randburg Enjoys top quality health care from a variety of healthcare both public and private. These Heath care facilities include:-

  • Medi-Cross
  • Olivedale clinic
  • Randburg Day Clinic
  • Life Fourways Hospital
  • Life Riverfield Lodge

Randburg History

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